Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Hello! Well, it’s been quite a whirlwind from the long weekend, to back to school for the kids, and I have finally caught my breath! Summer has definitely set on us this year, and it almost seems as though it has happened overnight! Not to worry though, Fall comes with some good times too! Moving into the cooler weather, we can now focus our energy indoors, where we can add shades of orange and red to the palette. Our first stop in the family home is the family room. It is the central spot for the family to relax and enjoy quality time spent together. If it is your central hub for classic movies, exciting games, and good convos, it must be the place where you begin.

If you have a fireplace, the mantel is a fabulous spot for swapping in Autumn paintings, candles, and other warm accessories that help to make your space cozy in cooler weather. Fireplaces are not found in every home, but if you were to invest in a simple free-standing mantel against a wall, with various-sized candles inside that act as a flame, it can really do the trick! Fire hazards may be the issue at your house, so you might want to use battery operated candles instead. They work just as well as a real candle would. Otherwise, hurricane holders could also be the safer way of controlling a real flame. Your side tables and coffee table can also be jazzed up with mini pumpkins and wreaths that double as a centerpiece. Hurricane candles or lanterns on the window sill will definitely add a warm glow to your room. Be sure to fit in a basket filled with cold-weather essentials such as: Slippers, wooly socks, and soft throws, that will make any home feel inviting.

It doesn’t take much to Fall-ify your home. All you need is a little inspiration to help you get started. If you are still having a difficult time picturing your space for the season, you can always send a pic my way and I would love to help! Grab your sweaters and take in the cool air! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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