Saturday: Reflections

Reinventing Community Planning: Sandtown, Baltimore | International Making  Cities Livable

In a few weeks, our friends in the US are going back to the polls to vote in a leader. The choice is never really straightforward, as there are pros and cons on every side. We live in a world where the love of money and power is the root of all evil, and when either or both are placed in the hands of people, it often spells disaster. If we are looking for human decency to rule in times like these, we are sadly mistaken. Decency begins with us. Our responsibility to the world is to take care of our neighbours. If we are looking out for the best interests of others, our neighbours will also be on the lookout for us too.

We have pockets of poverty in so many corners of our great countries, and we often wonder how to tackle the problem. Some say that the poverty is too great to meet their needs, but I say that there is much that we can do with our own resources to make a difference. If we take a closer look at the economic makeup of these areas in need, they are set up for perpetual poverty. It is up to us to work inside of these communities to give back in terms of healthy food, education, financial planning, and so much more. We are able to move mountains if we learn how to work together, one step at a time. I challenge you to look into your local community in need to find out what their biggest disadvantages are, and plan from there. Anything is possible if we put our minds to it, so let’s do it! Happy Saturday everyone!

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