Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

It’s cold, it’s hot, then it’s cold again, all in one day! This is the current situation of our temperature here in Canada, and it can be very confusing! In honour of the colder weather rearing its ugly head in our direction, we must be prepared! A long time ago, a little old Jewish lady who volunteered at the hospital where I worked at the time, inspired me to learn how to knit. It was no easy chore for me to learn, and it took a full day at her house, over tuna fish sandwiches and orange juice, before I finally got it! Do I remember it now? Not very much, but I do recall the ease at which Doris moved her fingers, and how the needles cascaded across each other, creating beautiful hats and mittens.

I tried a scarf. I was pretty good, but extremely slow. It took Doris 2 hours to make mittens. It took me 2 years to make a scarf;) I could hear your laughter from my computer, but I am not ashamed! It was the best damn scarf I ever owned! The warmest too! I thought I’d attach a video of how to knit a scarf, so that you could give it a try at home.

Notice that I found a video for BEGINNERS! This is not hard. If I could do it, so could you. I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy your handmade scarf for years after the blood, sweat and tears. I have a picture of mine, just to prove to you how much I still love mine after all those years.

My scarf was knitted from a multicoloured wool that made for a very unique look. It almost seems as if I used many different colours individually, but I have to say that it was one, simple stitch! There is no limit to creativity once you put your mind to it. I that I hope you all get cracking before the cold is here to stay! If a scarf is the only thing you accomplish, well, it will definitely be worth it. Have a good night and happy Wednesday everyone!

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